Our Christian Values

Our School is rooted in the distinctive Christian values of:

Click on the links above for children’s thoughts and deeper reflections on each value.

Our school has chosen the Values above as these represent God’s deep love for us. We hold these Values dear, and these weave into our everyday life at Walberton and Binsted.

Our Values make us who we are. Most importantly, we teach them to our children in different ways, aiming to live these out, from a Christian perspective and understanding.  Our Values help us to understand ourselves and our relationships with others in the context of God’s wonderful love for us:

We wish for all our children to experience a rich curriculum to inspire, excite and engage them fully, in order to learn and grow.  We wish for the same experiences for all our teachers while teaching! 

We believe that excellent learning experiences, underpinned by high quality teaching within an engaging and nurturing environment – are absolutely essential for children to be successful and to achieve well in all areas.

We are an inclusive school; we welcome children of all backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and circumstances.  We equally recognise and celebrate our differences, too. 

God loves us unconditionally, and has made us all unique. Therefore, every child and adult within our school community is special. We believe this is at the heart of who God is.

We enjoy working with the whole community.  We were intended to live in community with one another. Therefore, everyone has a part to play in educating our children including: 




 Members of our local community

Organisations within our country and around the world


As we help our children, we can help one another to build a better, more richly-connected world.