Y3 - Bignor Roman Villa - Apr 2024

Year 3 had a brilliant day last Friday at Bignor Roman Villa, where they expanded on their knowledge of The Romans. The day started with a guided tour, where the children were able to walk around the villa, to see artefacts and even walk on a roman mosaic floor! Stories were told of what it would have been like for the Roman living and working on the farm at Bignor. The children demonstrated their excellent knowledge of the roman gods/goddesses, as we saw Venus and Jupiter within these too.

After lunch we went to the educational centre, where the children had to puzzle solve, create mosaics, solve the roman numerals and write on wax tables. One of the activities required the children to use a quern stone to grind wheat into flour.

Our tour guide, Liz, was fantastic and was able to answer all of the questions the children had. The class were incredibly respectful and listened amazingly and also had the chance to show off what they already knew about the Romans.