W&B General Election - July 2024

Our four main political parties: 'Birch Party', 'Oak Party', 'Pine Party' and 'Sycamore Party' held a W&B General Election assembly this morning where the children from each party spoke passionately and persuasively about a range of subjects that effect our school life, our local community, our national picture and our global outlook. The children prepared and made speeches with some great ideas and policies!

Voting then took place at various Polling Stations throughout the day where the children had to show their I.D. cards to ensure their vote counted in the ballot boxes. The result was a very close call! In 4th place, 'Oak Party', in 3rd place, 'Sycamore Party', in 2nd place, 'Pine Party' and, by the narrowest of margins, the winning party was 'Birch Party'. Let's hope the newly elected 'Birch Party' can fulfill some of the promises in their manifesto!

The children in Y5/Y6 thoroughly enjoyed this exploration of democracy at work and showed excellent teamwork and cooperation. Well done to all our political party members!