Day Two at Kingswood for Year 6!

What a busy day today at Kingswood! Magnificent climbing on 'Jacob's Ladder', creative skills in 'Environmental Art', competitive bouncing in 'Aeroball'  the day had it all!

The children packed so much in to today - hopefully they will sleep well tonight! First off, the children tried their hand at creating a 'Guardian of Nature' from natural elements followed by a lesson in 'Cordage Bushcraft'. The children had to show a great deal of trust and teamwork in the second morning session when they spent the majority of it disorientated and blindfolded but they negotiated their way through the 'Nightline' trail successfully.

After recreation time and lunch, the children showed off their brilliant climbing skills on 'Jacob's Ladder'. A particular mention has to go out to Sofia G who got to the top in about 30 seconds with the instructor saying he had never seen anything like it! A future Olympic climber in the making...? The afternoon was finished off with a little "Team Tech" where the children designed and made constructions under limited time conditions. 

After dinner, it was time for something a little quieter with a movie night.

All in all, a fun-packed day full of variety!