Day Three At Kingswood for Year 6!

Another sunny day, another very busy day! Fencing, roller-disco, bushcraft and zip wire to name just a few of the activities we packed into today's schedule!

The day began with a rather exhilarating zipwire experience, which Ms Grixti and Ms Virgo were brave enough to have a go at alongside the children! There then followed a musical hour and a half with a roller-disco. Eddy, Theodore, India and Millie were some of the roller-disco experts who helped others gain confidence on the roller-skates while the disco tunes played.

After lunch, the children made a real team effort to create two fantastic shelters in bushcraft, followed by an introduction to fencing. The day ended with a 'mini-Olympics'. No gold medals were handed out at the event as the children were having far too much fun to worry about serious competition!

All in all, another great day at Kingswood with lots of different activities and many special memories made!